Churpi Himalayan Chew

Dog Chews from Himalayan Cheese

Himalayan cheese for dogs is a hard, healthy and natural chew. It helps take care of your dog’s dental hygiene, removing excess tartar, while also being a healthy treat for dogs of all breeds! Churpi is easily digestible and lactose free!

Himalayan cheeses are made from the milk of Himalayan cows, which is subjected to a long and careful processing. First, the milk is boiled for an hour to remove all the fat and pasteurize it. Then a little salt and lime juice (only 0.01% total) are added to it for coagulation. The next step is pressing for 2-3 days to get rid of the moisture in the cheese. These blocks of cheese are cut into appropriately sized pieces and dried in a smoking chamber for as long as 20-30 days to become hard and acquire a delicate, smoky flavor.

Dog Chews from Himalayan Cheese

Our chews from himalayan cheese are 100% natural, sourced from different regions and handmade using traditional methods! Each piece may be slightly different in appearance, shape or color. Possible ±10% difference in weight and length.

Dog Chews from Himalayan Cheese - sizes
TNC PETS Olive wood chew stick for dogs – sizes

Benefits of Churpi Chews from TNC PETS

  • Natural! Made from milk (99.99%) with salt and lime juice. The milk used in the production comes from free range Himalayan cows.
  • Healthy! No preservatives, gluten or lactose. Contains vitamin D and D2, vitamin E, vitamin A and phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and iron!
  • Easily digestible! Thanks to the natural protein content, our chews are very easily digestible for dogs.
  • Dental Health! The hardness of churpi chews helps clean teeth while chewing, reducing plaque and tartar.
  • From puppies to large dogs! Churpi is a treat for any dog, regardless of age, size or breed.
Dog weightSizeLengthChew weight
up to 5 kgS6 – 9 cm25 – 40 g
5 – 10 kgM10 – 13 cm60 – 85 g
10 – 15 kgL14 – 16 cm100 – 120 g
15 – 20 kgXL14 – 18 cm130 – 150 g
above 20 kgXXL15 – 20 cm155 – 185 g
Sizing chart for Himalayan Chews

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