Chhurpi – Original Himalayan Chew

Dog Chews from Himalayan Cheese

Himalayan cheese for dogs is a hard, healthy and natural chew. It helps take care of your dog’s dental hygiene, removing excess tartar, while also being a healthy treat for dogs of all breeds! Chhurpi is easily digestible and lactose free!

Himalayan cheeses are made from the milk of Himalayan cows, which is subjected to a long and careful processing. First, the milk is boiled for an hour to remove all the fat and pasteurize it. Then a little salt and lime juice (only 0.01% total) are added to it for coagulation. The next step is pressing for 2-3 days to get rid of the moisture in the cheese. These blocks of cheese are cut into appropriately sized pieces and dried in a smoking chamber for as long as 20-30 days to become hard and acquire a delicate, smoky flavor.

Dog Chews from Himalayan Cheese

Our chews from himalayan cheese are 100% natural, sourced from different regions and handmade using traditional methods! Each piece may be slightly different in appearance, shape or color. Possible ±10% difference in weight and length.

Dog Chews from Himalayan Cheese - sizes
TNC PETS Olive wood chew stick for dogs – sizes

Benefits of Chhurpi Chews from TNC PETS

  • Natural! Made from milk (99.99%) with salt and lime juice. The milk used in the production comes from free range Himalayan cows.
  • Healthy! No preservatives, gluten or lactose. Contains vitamin D and D2, vitamin E, vitamin A and phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and iron!
  • Easily digestible! Thanks to the natural protein content, our chews are very easily digestible for dogs.
  • Dental Health! The hardness of chhurpi chews helps clean teeth while chewing, reducing plaque and tartar.
  • From puppies to large dogs! Chhurpi is a treat for any dog, regardless of age, size or breed.
Dog weightSizeChew weight
up to 5 kgS25 – 50 g
5 – 10 kgM51 – 85 g
10 – 20 kgL86 – 120 g
20 – 30 kgXL121 – 150 g
above 30 kgXXL151 – 185 g
Sizing chart for Himalayan Chews

NEW! Flavored Chhurpi

Looking for a nice and tasty change for your dog who loves chhurpi? Spoil him with our novelty – flavored Himalayan cheese!

Our flavored chhurpi is made in the same way as the Original Chhurpi, except that natural extracts, spices, dried coconut or flaxseed have been added to the milk.

All of our new chhurpi flavors (from left to right): strawberry, coconut, mint, honey, flaxseed, blueberry.

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